Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 fact about me ;)

Heyy this is my 1st post so i guess it could be an intro yaw
5 fact about me start now...

5.I born in Hospital Besar Terengganu but hell yeah i dont know at all to speak 'ganu' accent

4.I drink milk using bottle till i'm 7 years old haha ;)

3.I have a cat name comel and i introduce he as my bf and when i talk with he i call my self mummy ;)

2.I had never been in true love relationship until i was 16 yeah wait for the suck moment it last for 2 week! laugh lah kuat2!!!

1.I'm so easy fall in love and get bored and until now i can't recognize between love or crush :)

ps: hoping for feedback about your '5 fact' too ;)


  1. ohoiiiiiiiiiiiii ecah..
    hebeat sungguh mu!! wa gapo deh?? hahaha

  2. ohoii farien nothngg goes ongg leyhh
    ish burok btol ganu + english haha

  3. org perak dok melakau ckp ganu??dasyat2...

  4. fact yg paling atas dan ketiga sama ngan saya :)


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